CISS Solutions

  • Are your rates cheaper than other Private Investigators and Security Companies?

Normally. Our rates are very competitive with other Private Investigators and Security Companies. We would like for you to know that each case assignment is different and that CISS is fair and reasonable in determining what the cheapest rates will be for each potential client. Our FREE consultation with you will determine what the rate will be. CISS aim is to please our clients.

  • How do I know your company is the best company out there to work on my particular case.

Look at our track record. Check with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, the Better Business Bureau, or any other source you can think of to see if you can find anything negative about CISS. CISS is an open book and has nothing to hide. CISS positive reputation is based on professionalism, honesty, longevity, having good people skills and using common sense. Every assignment is taken seriously with intentions to do the best job possible within a reasonable time period.

To inquire about CISS services, please call 510.710.0268 fax 510.291.2215 or Email,


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