CISS Overview

Milton Crossland Sr., founder of Crossland's Investigative and Security Service (CISS) welcomes you to its family.

This Company has been in existence since the late 1990's. Mr. Crossland has been employed in the Investigative Industry since 1989, and the Security Industry since 1978. CISS's goal is to have a diverse group of people serving the public's needs by conducting Investigations, providing Security Services and providing Security Officer Training. Investigative Services includes conducting Process Serving, Locating Individuals, Background Investigations, Surveillance and Executive protection. Security Services includes conducting armed and unarmed services for commercial and private industries. CISS specializes in Special Events and Security Officer Training.

CISS Security Officer Training is for individuals who do not have a guard card and for individuals who need post guard card training. Also for the individual who has a desire to work in the Security Industry, Security Training is mandatory. The training has been mandated by the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services in Sacramento, CA, since 2004.

CISS Mission is to complete whatever task it has in a professional and timely manner, and to ensure that the client is pleased with CISS overall completion of the assignment.

CISS is a professional, loyal, and law abiding agency. CISS takes each case seriously, realizing that each client wants the best service possible.

CISS offers more services than those listed online. For any additional specific service need, feel free to contact us directly for a consultation.

Consultations are free of charge, however there is a limited time period to this offer.

To inquire about CISS services, please call Milton Crossland Sr. at (510) 710-0268 or email


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